Open House!

by London's Lofts


When & Where: This Friday, from 5:30 til whenever, 110 W. Market St., use Commerce St. Entrance., 

What's the Haps? : The reveal of London's Lofts as well as a showcase of the best of Downtown JC.  From restaurant to retail to work-life, there will be plenty to digest (literally).  

Password: When the doorman says all speakeasy style: "Who are you here to see?"  You reply: "Henry Johnson" (namesake of Johnson City - plus, if you get it right you'll get a gift card from one of the fine Downtown establishments if you get there before we run out).  If you get it wrong, Bruno will still probably let you in (he's a softie at heart). 

So, whether you're in the market for downtown living or just want to start your Friday night off right, come by London's Lofts and be prepared to be taken back in time, live in the moment and see the future of downtown living!